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Woodworm Treatments

Types of Woodworm

Various types of Woodworm Larvae (Common Furniture Beetle – Anobium punctatum) affect our properties across Scotland, some however do not require treatment.

Typical signs might be:

  • Fresh exit holes in timber which resemble little dart holes
  • Fine powdery dust (frass) around holes or on the ground
  • Crumbly edges to boards and joists
  • Weak and damaged flooring / wood (sometimes the floor might give way in some areas which can indicate a serious problem)
  • Dead beetles collecting on the window sills or seen flying about in May or June

Our experienced Surveyors will determine which type of Woodworm Beetle is affecting a property and provide an effective treatment to stop them in their tracks.

Woodworm Treatments are covered by our long term guarantee affording you peace of mind that the problem has been dealt with.