Lateral Damp & Basement Tanking


Basement Tanking

What is Lateral Damp ?

Lateral damp is the development of moisture coming through walls or ceilings or even below the ground area of a building i.e. into a basement area and occurs when the exterior ground level is higher than the interior floor level so moisture enters the building when groundwater penetrates sideways into a property through cracks or holes in the building walls

Lateral damp - What to look out for

Lateral damp can affect any floor which is in contact with soil but is most common in basements. It can show up as

  1. Your basement is flooding or has puddles.
  2. If there are water stains on the walls.
  3. Obvious mould in the basement.
  4. If the walls are wet/damp
  5. If walls are staring to crack.

Lateral Damp – Treatment

The treatment for lateral damp is termed as Basement Tanking.

What is Basement Tanking?

Basement tanking is a form of waterproofing used to prevent damp problems in underground areas.

Treatment involves the application of a membrane or liquid waterproof coating (known as tanking slurry) to the walls and the floor of the basement and can be applied to the inside or the outside of the structure.

It is intended to resist hydrostatic pressure i.e. water pressure on underground walls from the surrounding earth therefore, stopping water entering the habitable space of the property and making the basement watertight.