General Joinery Services​


General Joinery Services​

What Can We Do?

Whilst timber preservation is our core service, part of our work involves reinstating homes and commercial buildings to a level where they are ready to be occupied by our clients or their tenants. This includes us carrying out additional services which fall under the category of general joinery work.

General joinery work covers a whole host of services. From laying a new floor to fitting the finishing touches which complete the job such as doors, door facings and skirtings. It can be something as simple as fitting a lock to a door to more complex contracts such as constructing an extension to an existing property.

Our surveyors and technicians are experienced in all areas of joinery work and will work with our clients to provide a finish to meet their expectations.

In addition to this, we offer a project management service which can incorporate timber preservation work but can also include general joinery services as above and builder work, plumbing work, electrical work, plaster work, decoration, and installation of floor coverings.

Having one point of contact helps to take away some of the stress of the project away from the client.

It can speed up the whole process as it eliminates the need for the client having to coordinate all the different trades required.

It can also keep costs down as our experienced surveyors can negotiate prices with our database of trusted suppliers and subcontractors.