Scout Hall, Fife

Case Study

Case Study

Scout Hall, Fife

Back in 2016 we were asked to provide a quotation to refurbish the external facade of this timber constructed Scout Hall building.

The timber building had fallen into a state of disrepair due to the effect of our wonderful Scottish weather and time. When we carried out our inspection we found that there were signs of Wet Rot and Woodworm in addition to the wear and tear on the outside of the building. These issues would need to be dealt with to ensure that the work carried out wasn’t undermined by any pre-existing problems in the main structure of the building. The wooden cladding would have to be replaced with a more long term solution. We fitted Marley Cedral Boarding because of it’s excellent weather resistant properties as well as the aesthetically pleasing finish.

Scout Hall before the work was carried out

After a lengthy consultation period during which we updated our costs first in 2017 and again in 2019, the works were approved, and funds were put into place from several external sources.

In early June 2019 we began work on the site.

Several large skips put on site to cope with disposal of old materials. We ensured that all materials were removed from site and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.

The first stage in this job was to remove all of the old wooden cladding, stripping it back to the studs. With the studs exposed we carried out repairs to the structural studding to eradicate attacks by Wet Rot and Woodworm.

Although the Wet Rot and Woodworm attacks had been eradicated now we had to ensure that there was protection in place to prevent these issues from arising again in future. All new and existing studs were treated to safeguard against any further rot or woodworm attacks.

90mm rigid insulation was fitted between studs where no insulation previously existed and over clad with 9mm OSB boarding. This insulation will reduce the cost of heating the inside of the property which, in turn, will reduce the carbon footprint and increase the energy efficiency of the building.

Breathable membrane fitted, followed by 38 x 50mm air gap to prevent a build up of condensation.

Marley Cedral Boarding was installed in place of old weather boarding. Marley Cedral Boarding was chosen for this building because it a cement based product which is virtually maintenance free. This boarding can be washed down with a garden hose to remove dust and dirt. With a life expectancy of at least 50 years it will outlast traditional timber boarding without any deterioration in the appearance. The dark brown colour was chosen as a close match to the existing exterior negating the need to involve Building Control for change of appearance.

New double glazed windows fitted along with new doors, rhones and downpipes – all colour coded to match materials removed.

All of the above work was completed by our Technicians within the agreed 8 week period.

Scout Hall on completion of the work